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What is it?

Valuation is an economic assessment of all kinds of assets, by a valuation company approved by the Bank of Spain, as Aesval.

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If neccessary, you can also download a sample PDF.

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What do we value?

We value all types of real estate: Promotions, housing, land, offices, warehouses, garages, hotels, shopping malls, businesses, economic or farm properties, industries, antiques, artwork, etc.

What do we value?

backward-arrow  Mortgage Market

backward-arrow Legal proceedings.

backward-arrow Contradictory valuations, Registry

backward-arrow Planning, expropriations, tax assessments, Commercial Register

backward-arrow State or regional properties

backward-arrow Wealth management (inheritances, separations …)

Why with AESVAL?

For the professionalism, consistency and operational logic in all the tools, processes, decisions and services, adapting to the needs of our customers with the highest commitments and rigor, legality, transparency, confidentiality and spirit of improvement and innovation that make our way to the service excellence.

Since 2010 we work daily to offer the best services and solutions to our customers.
Personal treatment is vital for us and thanks to that we have earned the trust of thousands of customers.
We give great importance to sustainability and why we have it as one of our principles when working.
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