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What do we study?

The specific real estate studies in the Department for Real Estate Studies from Aesval – Valuation Logic combine urban, social and building market research in a consistent and analytical manner, based on our experience, official publications … and carrying out the research with the required exhaustiveness and detail. Studying and surveying the sources of information, processing and dealing with data, considering all scenarios and using the appropriate methods for determining the values and the conclusions of the same.

What are they for?

Any new official, private or individual building promotion requires an appropriate professional prior analysis in order to determine the profitability and return of the investments derived from it, therefore the best and most accurate investment is to be advised by a qualified Company with consistency of information that provides the investors with the desired profitability for their business, taking the appropriate decisions for urban-architectural development in a first phase of adjusted economic security.

Likewise, future sales, final market value of the same or forecasts for geographical implantation, are supported by independent and professional studies that help to make the decisions of scale and scope with the appropriate security.

From them are obtained other collateral data with values of various building typologies and auxiliary of their main uses, which help to outline the planning and organization of sustainable and considerate growth as well as territorially balanced.

They are also useful tools for administrative procedures of value reviews, capital gains, expropriations and other official acts that require an exhaustive economic analysis of the properties, land or plots for these procedures or where the different public infrastructures are located.

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